Where To Find The Most Profitable Online Freelance Writing Opportunities

Freelance isn’t only for those who do it for a living. Whether you are a student, an at-home parent, or in full employment, this is a flexible job to bring in some extra cash. Knowing where to look for the most profitable opportunities will increase you chances of finding the online jobs that are perfect for you.

Websites advertising job vacancies and agencies

Recruitment websites and agencies will sometimes carry advertisements for freelance writing, and the employers are often companies looking for steady and high-quality online work. There is a chance you may receive a similar remuneration as a full-time employee, and you might even receive some other benefits such as holiday pay. Since companies advertising through these websites and agencies tend to have ongoing need to freelancers, there is a high potential for further collaborations, and by taking on one assignment you are paving your way for the next.

Websites for freelancers

There are numerous websites that link employers to writers. Higher-paying jobs often come with a more selective process, and while some sites will require evidence of your qualifications and experience, these will be likely to offer you work with more return. Otherwise, look for the websites that allow you to negotiate with potential clients before accepting work, so that you have a chance of raising the amount you charge. Stay away from the sites that have hidden costs, such as the ones that charge you to take on an assignment or to access essential features like private messaging.

Your previous employer

While you may not work for your previous employers anymore, they will know your strengths better than anyone else, and be able to provide you with writing opportunities. Keep in contact and express your interest, and you never know when the perfect assignment comes along. It is likely that all the work can be done online, and most importantly, you will have strong grounds to negotiate terms based on your past performance. It is not unheard of for employers to offer a higher hourly wage when employees transition into less regular work. Even if your previous employers are not looking to employ freelancers, they may be able to pass on your CV through their connections, so remember to state your interests clearly and be active in staying in touch.

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