What To Expect From Good Part-Time Freelance Remote Writing Jobs

Good part-time freelance writing jobs can be very rewarding. Persistence and dedication combined with a great website and some luck can result in a dream come true. Your essays will provide you what some conventional part-time job never could. Unfortunately, you have to expect considerable frustration while you are building your reputation and creating articles.

Put in your time

You have to expect to be forming works of art day after day after day and putting your favorites on a website you spent hours creating. You have to spend hours perusing the internet for anyone who is willing to pay you anything for telling them a story or helping them with a problem. You should plan on spending days networking with other writers and trying to learn from their mistakes. LinkedIn becomes one of your favorite sites and you spend hours making sure your profile is the best it can possibly be.

Dealing with rejection

Rejection is a feeling that is following you every day, especially when you are just beginning. You have to have enough confidence in yourself and what you are doing so that all that rejection won’t stray you from your goal. There are many times you may want to just go back to that part-time job that has no responsibility but also no rewards besides a small paycheck. You have to have the fortitude to ignore all the frustration and rejection and believe enough in yourself to keep writing what you love to write. Deep in your heart you know that you can never tire of doing what you love and as long as you are true to yourself and believe in yourself, your dreams will be realized.

It may take a few months but most likely it will take a few years but you know that you have “paid your dues” and you have put the hours of work into getting your works out there. You have spent enough time getting paid a penny a word just so you can prove to yourself you are dedicated and formulate your words and practice your writing and create your profile. You have spent years creating words and articles that people want to read. You have large companies banging on your email to pay you for your writings. You know that you never gave up on yourself and you were the only person who had to trust in and you did it. You can expect the greatest feeling in the world.

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