Basic Strategies To Recognize Trustworthy Online Freelance Writing Websites

Amateur freelance writers often have trouble trying to recognize trustworthy writing websites. In many cases, it takes some time and effort to figure out whether you should write for a certain one. Either way, the following basic strategies have been created in order to help you realize what the best options are for you:

  1. Evaluate writing websites by merit.
  2. Other writers can provide valuable comments about the services offered by a particular site and its protection policy. It also makes sense to read the comments left by former clients. Usually, you can contact them if you need some more information. However, you should keep in mind that freelancers are different, so they have different opinions which might differ from your personal point of view.

  3. Check the payment procedures and policies.
  4. You should check how a chosen website protects your finances, and what policy is used, in order to make sure that clients pay you in a reasonable amount of time. It is recommended to use resources that require funding in an escrow account up front, so that you can receive your compensation after the work is done. It makes sense to find a site which offers different payment methods, so you could use several methods if you need to.

  5. View the companies’ profiles.
  6. Trustworthy freelance writing websites provide information about employers. You can view a company’s profile and find out typical contract details, revision policies, and additional work rates. Some portals allow freelancers to rank the employers, so you can see the ranks while studying their profiles. If you cannot find any information about the companies, you should look for another option.

  7. Find websites that update information regularly.
  8. You should use resources that post updates regularly, attract new companies, and improve their services for writers. The more information added there on a daily basis, the higher your chances are of find something that you need. If you realize that the site displays the same job offers for a long time, you should start looking for alternatives.

  9. Search for comments provided by employers.
  10. Different online resources allow users to compare how different employers rank freelance writing websites. It makes sense to figure out what freelance writing websites are considered credible from the employer’s point of view. You might also find out the advantages and disadvantages of working with one writing portal, or another, which makes it easier to choose the one that corresponds to your preferences.

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