Daily Routine Of Freelance Article Writers: Vital Things To Know

The life of a freelancer is different than what is common to people who work regular day jobs. One of the most important keys to success and longevity in the industry is having a well defined routine. This is true for the following reasons:

No one will stop you from wasting your own time

If you decide to stay up very late doing things that will not earn you money and are not able to finish the job the next day, there will be no one around to tell you otherwise.

New jobs can appear unexpectedly

If you like to leave your assignments until the last possible moment, you may just barely be able to get them done. The problem lies in missing out on unexpected opportunities that pop up when you are unable to take them on.

You may not be able to maintain the same quality at all speeds

If your schedule is disorganized you may not be able to devote enough care to the production of your articles. This drop in quality may be noticed and lead to a bad reputation.

So, what then should a daily routine contain? The steps listed below are a good start:

A good breakfast

Without enough food, you will not think as clearly and your work will not be as good. Start the day with a healthy meal and keep up the habit.

Start your hardest articles first

Most people need to get the hard tasks out of the way first so that they feel motivated to get the others out of the way later. This is a great practice to adopt.

Take breaks to exercise

Sitting down all the time is bad for your body. Between articles you should get up and stretch. Do a few jumping jacks if you have enough room.

Go outdoors and talk to people in person

If you stay in front of your screen for too long you may lose your connection with other people in your life. This is bad for you both socially and mentally. If you like, you can even combine this step with the one preceding it and exercise outdoors with people you enjoy hanging out with. You will benefit from this and so will they.

The four steps listed above should be part of every freelancer’s routine. They go a long way towards maintaining physical and mental health as well as meeting deadlines.

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