Ups And Downs Of The Freelance Writing Job

Almost everyone is familiar with the traditional job, both in getting one and in keeping one. Not to mention the parts in between involving reporting to one on a daily basis. The job is simple in that it provides a constant flow of financial security for the employee and in return; the employee’s skills. It’s very straightforward.

A less secure and uncertain industry is the one for freelancers, or people who work for themselves. Even more specific are freelance writers, who provide content for publication through various distributors. Just what is it like to hold one of these jobs? To clarify what that industry is like, here are some of the ups and downs of the freelance writing job.

Tough Boss

It’s said that some people are their own worst critics. For freelance writers, nothing could be further from the truth. In a traditional job environment, the employee only has to function on a motor skills level where they go through a repetitive motion, even in the office environment of booting up a computer is this motion; and then launch right into their work as there is a time constraint, another point of motivation.

The bad things about freelance writing in this case are that the writer is:

The good things?

Low Quality

Writing is a skill that everyone has at least basic knowledge about. Which means that it doesn’t take a highly skilled writer to get into the industry. Which is why a large part of that industry is saturated with low quality writers. The social/internet age gives displays a lot of this type of work for all to see which means good things for a freelance writer, which is:

  • There will always be job openings
  • Anyone can do it
  • Many freelance writers who have been educated to write correctly feel their industry is being attacked as they do provide higher quality writing, which means bad things for this type of freelance writer:

  • Grammar/spelling/usage errors
  • Bad/unreliable information
  • Payment

    Payment is necessary for this industry to flourish. Today the market relies on internet content, but in the past and even still today, there is need for printed writing which many employers accept. Just like any industry there is always some problem with regards to paying the employer. Writers are sometimes not seen as worth paying and the lower the quality writing/writer is, the more chances there are for that writer to not get paid.

    So the freelance writer market certainly has it’s challenges, but it is a very interesting profession to be a part of.

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