Freelance Blog Writers: Where To Draw Inspiration

Inspiration is so important for freelance writers when writing blogs. My favorite trick is to begin what is called as a blog scrapbook.

  1. Hint Number One—Build a Blog ScrapBook of All Your Favorite Blogs So Far
  2. Do you like scrapbooking? Or programs like Pinterest, which is kind of like an internet scrap book. If so, take your artistic tendencies and apply them toward collecting—collecting all of your most favorite blogs that is.

    Any kind of reading you do that inspires you should be saved on your computer for easy access by you. That way you can easily click on one of several blogs for easy reading. When you can read these blogs before sitting down to write, then you will be able to sit down with some lofty goals in mind and you favorite writer’s blogs in your ear.

  3. Seek some new great bloggers to read for inspiration—
  4. Also, be constantly on the lookout for new blog writers as well. Perhaps even pick ones in your own niche area as well. Look for graceful, well written blogs with perfect grammar. If you are looking for a whole niche of blog writers to imitate that would be good blogs to read for grammar, by the way, you could not do better than to simply read blogs written by graduate English majors—especially docrorate students who have had real time to get especially good at their craft. Perhaps even read blogs by Harvard doctoral English majors or even Harvard English professors for really good ideas.

  5. Start reading your favorite books—all over again if you wish
  6. There is nothing—and I mean nothing—better for shaping a reader into a writer than more work reading. Think of one, great writer you know of who was not a reader and you could demand a million dollars—because there are no any such writers. All great writers were born out of a heavy practice of reading and not just reading popular literature. Popular literature does not have to be written really well—it just has to be popular and books do not even have to have perfect grammar to sell well—as the popular reader might not even know what a comma splice is. So, read literature, read it often, and never stop reading and you will find inspiration in all things about you.

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