Building A Freelance Writer's Career Successfully: 5 Great Tips

If writing is something you have a knack at, freelance writing may be a good option of employment for you. Freelance writers work for one to many clients on a project-by-project basis. When you freelance write you are able to work from wherever you would like, select the projects you work on, and build you own schedule. There are many good methods that can be used to build a successful writing career. Below you can find five helpful tips on just how to do so:

  1. Practice
  2. When you are first starting out as a freelancer, practicing can be a great way to make sure you are ready. Write many different types of writing, and explore new styles, markets, and ideas. By exploring all of your options you will get a better idea of what kind of writing you would like to do in your professional career.

  3. Build portfolio
  4. With practice and work you will be able to build a portfolio. Your portfolio is important because it speaks to what kind of work you can complete. It can illustrate your strengths, areas of expertise, and interest. Show your portfolio to prospective clients to help seal the deal.

  5. Network
  6. In addition to practice and a portfolio, networking will also connect you with potential clients. By keeping an ear open to needed writers and getting your name out there, you open yourself up to opportunities that may not enter the job market through the traditional way. Often people are given jobs because they know someone. Now, this does not mean they are undeserving, but that when two writers are pitted against one another for a job, the writer with a personal recommendation will when.

  7. Communicate
  8. Another important skill to working in this field professionally is having strong communications. You will be working remotely and be expected to maintain a good level of communication. Depending on the client, you may need to check in after each milestone—or maybe not until the end with the finished product. Either way, communicating your progress is important to an employer.

  9. Deliver
  10. Finally, a successful freelancer always delivers. Do not overextend yourself with your workload and your schedule. Do not overpromise yourself. Accept the work that you can complete and do so in a timely fashion for the ultimate success!

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