Where To Search For Highly Paid Online Freelance Writing Jobs For Doctors

Unlike other online writing sectors, doctors can also make additional sum of money by writing on job boards, freelance bidding websites, and on social networking websites.

If you owe medical profession and are looking for some highly paid online writing jobs, check them out-

  1. Online Magazines on health: Look for the online medical magazines that are among the world’s highest circulation.
  2. Newspapers: You can also pitch an idea throwing a query in the newspaper igniting a spark while creating an awareness regarding the health of the individuals’ chiefly targeting business people and not consumers. You can even target travel industry keeping people with frequent tours in mind.
  3. Scholastic articles: Educational articles written in an interesting way always catch the limelight and are always source of inspiration to people who are health conscious or those suffering from one or the other ailment from time to time.
  4. Articles on fitness: Many companies pay attractive sums for writing articles on medicines, ailments and their remedies. You can get an opportunity to write on varied areas and even pick subject of your specialization. Visit relevant websites and consecrate them with inundated source of knowledge.
  5. EBooks: All those who are doctors by profession can get enormous opportunity to write in EBooks on varied subjects. It opens incredible prospects of earning attractive sum while continuing your regular job
  6. Look for the people or companies that are looking for business writers or health bloggers: Do an online search and you would find enormous results for this. Send them your portfolio and talk about your credentials. If your price rates suits their funds, they will contact you.
  7. Try to contact existing renowned writers: Most of the times, the client does not want to approach any other writer just because they are highly contented with their existing ones. However, if that writer is unavailable they ask for their recommendations and if you have a good reputation, they can refer you.
  8. In some cases, the offered project does not fit their experience. If they know that you specialize in that subject, they can offer your contact information or your website address where the client gets more information about you. It’s good if you build your image and prepare a website and keeps its status updated.

In case of similar referrals, the client loves to stay in contact with you directly and you can become their permanent customer. In some cases, your website information is passed on to other clients and you can even sell your services there.


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