How To Become A Successful Freelance Writer: The Top 5 Tips

The common image of a freelance writer is of someone sipping wine, living on a small budget and crafting meticulous novels. In reality, freelance writing is a fairly difficult craft to learn. In addition to developing technical perfection in writing, freelance writers must learn how to market their services and find clients. Without paying projects, writers are just hobbyists.

Creating a Query Letter or a Project Bid

Even the best writers in the world still have to be skilled at crafting a query letter. While a query letter helps a novelist find a publisher, a project bid is used by freelancers on the open market. Both types of writing are required if the freelance writer wants to have actual clients.

Set Realistic Goals

It can take months or years for a blog to start earning revenue. Likewise, most novelists are refused by a number of publishers before they find a home for their novel. Before quitting their day jobs, freelance writers should create realistic goals and make sure that they can actually hack it in the freelance world. English grammar courses, business classes and financial know-how are all necessary talents for a freelance writer.

Select a Niche

Freelance writers must cater to a specific niche if they want to be successful. They should study the market and figure out what talents they have for the marketplace. Specializing in technical writing or other unique fields can give the freelance writer an edge.

Be Timely

One of the biggest problems with freelance writers is an inability to stick to a deadline. Clients will not continue to hire the writer if each project is turned in late. To stay on task, writers can use a calendar, appointment book or scheduling software. They must set aside time each day for actual writing. To make money in this business, individuals have to be able to just sit down and write. When bills need to be paid, having writer's block is not an excuse.

Be Persistent

Setting goals, taking classes and building a blog audience are all activities that take time. Someone who wants to make it in the freelance writing business must be persistent. There will be low-paying months and high-dollar projects. A freelance writer must be able to take everything in stride. It can take time to develop a client list, so freelance writers cannot allow themselves to give up on their dreams to early.

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