Becoming A Freelance Writer: 5 Things You Must Know

No job is without its difficulties. In the grand scheme of it, freelancers are probably far more content than people in traditional jobs. Still, as a newcomer in the field, the following tips should be kept in mind at all times:

Be disciplined with your time

Most of the time, no one is going to take the responsibility of reminding you that you have tasks to complete. If the freedom of working from home goes to your head and you end up watching cartoons or playing MMORPGs all day instead of doing your job, you just won’t get paid. This will remind you that the things you enjoy all cost money.

Be good at your craft

There will always be freelancers better and worse than you out there. Never get too smug looking at the work of the ones at the bottom of the barrel. You should always be pushing yourself to do better and earn more and that’s only going to happen if you get good at what you do and then work constantly to get better at it.

Be respectful of your talent

Desperation has made many a skilled writer accept jobs at a degrading rate of pay. This is bad not only for them but for the entire industry because it cheapens the value of good content and over time more clients will begin to expect that heavily discounted rate.

Be flexible

Freelancing is unpredictable. No one has you on contract for a long period of time so a ‘regular’ client may abruptly cease use of your services. No explanation may even be proffered. Make sure you are able to easily do other types of writing if your main source of income experiences an unexpected slump.

Be responsible with your money

In the event that a client dumps you, it helps to have a buffer of emergency funds set aside so that you don’t need to starve or be homeless until another client shows up. This would also help you avoid the desperation that leads writers to accept low paying jobs. If you have trouble with overspending, put this emergency cash into an account that’s inconvenient to access but not impossible. It should still be able to be useful to you if you need it in an emergency.

These are simple to understand but hard to follow so remember them as you do your freelancing.

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