Defining The Pay Rate For Freelance Writers: 5 Basic Tips

When you are a freelancer, you have the ability to charge whatever you want or need for your papers. The problem with just charging anything, you are going to lose most bids every time. There are times when the clients will pay a little more if they feel like the rates are too low because they fear that the quality will be too low as well. You have to be able to meet the industry standard to get some really good jobs. There are times when people will accept a higher rate for a paper and other times when they won’t. You will have to work on finding the right price for different types of papers that you write.

There are many different types of papers. You would obviously charge way more for a paper that required that you write in technical terms or one that required research than you would for one that you can just whip up quickly. You must find a way to get your job picked without making you lose money in the process. It is not easy but here are some basic tips to get an idea of how to charge for your services.

  1. Determine what you need for an hourly rate to make it worth it to you. Once you have this amount, decide how many of those papers you could complete in that first hour. Divide by that amount and get your per article rate. Then times that by the total amount of papers. That way you will get the overall rate for the whole project and get your hourly rate as well.
  2. An article that requires research should be more than one that doesn’t so make sure that you charge a higher amount. You don’t want to get involved in a project that you are doing a lot of work for and getting hardly anything in return.
  3. Copywriting and SEO optimization pieces should at least cost twice as much as your regular articles. You will be focusing on making their customers take action and use their services. These are pricey services on professional sites and you are a professional so get paid for your expertise.
  4. Give a slight discount for long term projects so that you can make sure to get them. Having a steady income that is a little lower is usually more profitable than charging a bunch for a one time job.
  5. Keep a record of your pricing so that you can work them out for future jobs.

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