Freelance Writing Online: 7 Pitfalls You Should Stay Away From

In the world of freelance writing, there are a number of common mistakes and pitfalls that writers fall for. With a primarily online environment, payments and invoicing are some of the most common mistakes. Writers may also have problems with setting rates, sticking to a work schedule or following a deadline. By learning the common pitfalls of freelance writing online, individuals can improve their profitability and reach out to new clients.

Deciding on Rates

During the first few months of writing, setting rates is one of the most difficult tasks for a writer. Clients want to save money, so they will often go for the cheapest writers. With writers located across the world, this has created a race for the bottom. Even though it may seem logical to lower rates, individuals should set a higher value for their work. Low rates tend to attract the worst clients, so the freelancer will make more money and have a better experience if they set a reasonable value for their work.

Stay Current

Technology, search engine optimization and most subjects will change over time. To continue to draw in clients, a writer must stay current in their field. This could mean taking classes, reading the latest books or sifting through relevant publications.

Some Clients Are Not Worth It

For a new freelancer, getting a new client can be exciting. This should be done with caution because some clients are not worth the trouble. If the client has poor reviews from fellow writers, they should be avoided.

Administration Is a Must

Freelancers are great writers, but poor administrators. To earn a profit, the writer must learn how to send out invoices and stay on top of deadlines. Tracking hours and calculating earnings will help the writer to figure out how much they actually earn every hour.

Set a Schedule

With so many distractions online, it can be hard to stay focused. Writers must set a schedule and stick to it. They should turn off outside distractions. Work time should always be spent working. In the end, the writer will only be paid for what they complete.

Turn Off the E-mails

Writing from home can be stressful. Even when the workday is over, the freelancer may receive messages or edits from clients. To reduce stress, individuals should shut off their work e-mail when the day is over with.

Slow Times Are Normal

When business is slow, writers often take on questionable clients and low-paid work. They worry that business will never pick up again and undervalue their skills. Business will pick up again, so writers do not need to worry. They should avoid underselling their work because they will be stuck with this client when business is booming again.

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