A Quick Guide To The Typical Freelance Writing Features

Okay, so it is all very well and good deciding that you are going to set yourself up as a freelance writer but when push comes to shove do you have any idea what a writer actually does? Or, what their work looks like? Can you tell the work of someone hired on a flexible basis apart from someone who is on a company payroll? The answer is that unless you happen to know that someone is a freelancer then you shouldn’t be able to tell just by reading their article as it will be every bit as professional and tailored to the business’s requirements as a regular employees would be.

Here is a quick guide to the type of work that you might get on a routine basis:

General articles/blog posts

There is an abundance of this kind of work to be had. A quick search of any of the major websites will pull up hundreds of these vacancies on a daily basis. Typically, the posts are between 400/500 words in length. However, you may be called upon to write posts of anywhere up to 2000 words. This is the bread and butter and while it is unlikely that you will make a fortune writing these kinds of posts you will be able to quickly establish yourself as a freelancer with a good reputation. It is very easy in this pool of work to get sucked into low-paying work so you need to choose your jobs wisely.

Press Releases

If you also have a marketing background you may find yourself called upon to write Press Releases for businesses. The rates of pay for these are very attractive. You can easily get $50/$60 for just 1 hours work. However, competition is stiff and you will have to demonstrate a clear background and ability in this area.

Copywriting for businesses.

Again, this can be a very lucrative and rewarding field. You might be expected to write copy for company brochures as well as promotional material. Your work needs to be to a very high-standard and you will need to be prepared to work and rework it until the client is 100% happy. The key here is to not sell yourself short. Don’t go in with a ridiculously low bid just to secure the contract. Rates of pay are upwards of $25 per hour and you would be foolish to do this kind of work for anything less.

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