Where To Search For Starter Jobs For Writers: 7 Best Options

If you consider yourself to be a talented writer and would like to get into the writing industry, then you may be wondering where to begin searching for different writing jobs. Ultimately, there are many different approaches that you can take, with seven of the best options outlined below.

  1. Generic freelance websites
  2. There are plenty of freelance websites on the Internet, many of which cater to a wide range of different professions - not just writing. These can be a great place to look for your first jobs, particularly as many jobs are posted on a daily basis.

  3. Freelance websites aimed specifically at writers
  4. An alternative to generic freelance websites is those that are specifically aimed at writers. These may be harder to find, and there may be fewer jobs posted on these websites; however, many writers still prefer this approach.

  5. Creating your own blog
  6. It can be a good idea to start your own blog. Not only can this be used as a way of showcasing your talent, but if you become successful then it can become a moneymaking scheme in itself.

  7. Looking in the classified ads of major newspapers
  8. As well as providing a place to advertise a wide range of other jobs, major newspapers can also advertise a range of different writing opportunities. Essentially, you will need to look in the classified sections to try and find any part-time, full-time or temporary writing gigs.

  9. Looking for clients independently
  10. Rather than trying to look for jobs that have been posted online, or those which are being advertised anywhere else, you may wish to try and source clients independently. Essentially, you will have to do your research on different companies and contact them privately, in order to see whether they need any writing done. Therefore, it is best to have a proposal in mind before you contact anyone.

  11. Contacting your local newspaper
  12. As well as contacting major newspapers, it can be a good idea to try and see if any opportunities arise in your local newspaper. In fact, as well as looking for local adverts, you may wish to see whether your local newspaper with hire you to write any articles.

  13. Contact online writing agencies
  14. Finally, there are many online writing agencies offering services to people all around the world. These services will inevitably require writers and, therefore, it can be worth contacting them to see if they have any opportunities.

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