How To Make A Successful Career Being A Freelance Press Release Writer: Useful Hints

Freelance writing offers plenty of niche opportunities for writers who are good at one thing but can’t think of anything clever to say when discussing something else. One such niche that offers a promising career is the press release. Hundreds of thousands of companies across the world employ experts to craft notifications that are essentially marketing pieces to go up online, be read over a radio or television newscast, or be printed in a newspaper. Here’s how to tap into this great opportunity for you: the professional writer:

Discover What Press Releases Actually Say

Surprisingly, a lot of people don’t really know what the purpose of a press release is and take on assignments they aren’t really qualified for. The best approach is to first review a few samples and to pay attention to the information that is being delivered. Each industry will have something different that is valuable to it, and it’s your ability to express these thoughts in plain and simple English that will lead to success.

Practice Your Technical and Business Writing

As noted above, most successful press release pieces are written in plain and simple English, and the two biggest genres that follow this rule are technical and business writing. Sometimes the concepts in these areas are so convoluted that the only way to express thoughts are as straightforward as possible. If you have no experience in either of these areas then it’s time to start practicing.

Market Your Skill on Your Profile and Portfolio

When you start freelancing it’s important to build both a profile and portfolio to market your abilities to potential clients. The same is true when you consider writing press releases. You should market that skill on your profile and have your best examples posted on your portfolio. Be sure to keep this information updated since clients will want to see that you have recent experience doing this type of work.

Keep Training Across Industries

It’s necessary for you to learn a little about several industries in order to succeed in this line of work. You can’t expect to survive on just writing about gardening, or construction, or electronics. You need to be familiar with terminology across several industries to increase your chances of landing continuing work. If you do have the opportunity to write several pieces within one area, then be sure you keep some samples of similar work handy. A client will be more likely to offer you work if you can show your experience in their field.

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