A Guide Freelance Writers: How To Find Good Websites To Work At

Freelance writing is a great way of making money. If you are smart, well-versed in languages and able to quickly generate content, then you’re on the right path. But freelance writing doesn’t consist of writing only. A long process of pushing and selling your work follows afterwards. This requires remarkable marketing skills and, sometimes, a lot of stubbornness. That’s why finding a good market for your work is crucial. Here are some tips on how to find a good site to work at.

  1. Try search engines.
  2. The search engines are like transport companies in the endless digital sea of the Internet. The first links in the list are commonly the most experienced and trustworthy sites you can find. The tricky thing is, that the closer a site is to the top, the more users are there. That means a lot of competition for you as a new user.

  3. Use direct links.
  4. Some freelance sites may share links between each other, so you can browse them directly without spending time searching. Use forms, threads and social networks. Modern technology allows people to find almost anything.

  5. Ask for some advice.
  6. There are a lot of people in the freelance writing community who have worked in this area for quite some time. They may have substantial knowledge of online markets, periodicals and other sites that can be used to publish your work. And, of course, they have experience with the clients, and may know who pays better and who is a fraud. Don’t be afraid to ask for an advice. One out of three people will always answer to you.

  7. Explore the Deep Web.
  8. The Deep Web is a part of the Internet that is not indexed in the search engines. It can be accessed only if you know a direct link to the specific site, or via TOR network. It is a dangerous and vicious place. Freelance writing services are not of the highest priority there, but you can probably find a good offer. Remember, though, that you are acting on your own risk.

  9. Don’t give up.
  10. From time to time it may seem that there is no solution and you can’t find anything worthwhile. Maybe it is time to take a coffee break, look outside of your window for a minute and drop that insane pace that the Internet imposes on us. Calm down and think about what you may be doing wrong, and then back to work, and don’t stop searching!

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