Where To Find A Proper Sample Of A Cover Letter For A Freelance Writer

A Cover Letter is an important part of an application for a job that serves as your brief introduction to your prospective employer. Some job applications may not require one but for the ones that do, having a Cover letter in hand will save you a lot of hassle. While searching for a sample of a good cover letter, look for one that incorporates the following good practices:

While the number of paragraphs in a Cover Letter can vary, the aim should be a concise representation of the writer and not bombardment of information.

With this information in hand, look for a proper sample of a cover letter for a freelance writer using the following resources:

  1. Online
  2. A simple search using an online search engine will reveal a treasure trove of sample cover letters for freelance writers. The challenge is to sift through all the available formats and pick one that presents the information points mentioned above in the most efficient and creative way. Also note that different jobs demand that your cover letter is tweaked to cater to their particular requirements.

  3. Job Boards
  4. Take a look at job boards, especially online ones and their sections for prospective employers. In order to look for work, many freelance writers, including highly successful ones, have posted their cover letters and CVs to such Job Boards for employers to see. A simple search in your intended niche will display a host of Cover Letters you can look at for inspiration. Most of these websites have a ranking/feedback system in place which makes it easy to find out which freelance writers are the most experienced and most successful. Browse the cover letters of the highest ranked professionals and you will have plenty of ideas on hand for writing your own cover letter.

  5. Online Forums/Communities
  6. There are several highly regarded online forums/communities of freelance writers that provide useful information about the field. Become a contributing member of such a community and you will find your fellow community members more than willing to help you fine tune your pitch and application ideas, including your Cover Letter.

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