Becoming A Freelancer: How To Find A Freelance Writer’s Contract Template

Many freelance writers do not bother to sign any contracts with their clients. By doing so, they put themselves at risk of not getting paid for the jobs done. Although a contract does not provide you with 100% protection, experienced writers say that a client is much less likely to cheat when you have anything with his or her signature on it.

As freelance writing jobs are much alike in nature, you can use a contract template for any gigs you get, only changing specific terms such as the amount of the payment or number of pages. Here are three ways to get good contract templates:

If you as an amateur freelance writer do not feel confident enough to require your client to sign a contract, you can use another method to secure your payment. Send your client an email that details all the important terms (including how much and when you have to be paid), and ask for his or her agreement. Many experienced freelance writers use this technique and consider it to be as effective as a contract is.

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