How To Get Started In Freelance Writing: Professional Advice

Are you a person who doesn’t like to get up early every day and go to the office to work? Are you a person who wants to work at your convenience in terms of time and place? Well then, the best job that would fit you is freelancing. It means you get to work on your suitable time and from your suitable place. One thing to note here is that in the case of freelancing, you will not be getting a regular monthly paycheck. Instead, you will be paid based on the work you do, which may increase or decrease, unlike the permanent, full-time, outside jobs. It is not limited to just writing. It does provide jobs in different fields like programming, app creation, web development, editing, etc.

But if you are interested towards freelance writing, then you will have to consider these, of course, the first and foremost requirement would be to create a freelancing account. Once it is done, input all your details and verify your account. Ask yourself: What type of writing would suit you? Article writing/article rewriting/essay writing/content writing/copywriting, etc.? Once you have found it, mention those as your skills in your profile and try giving tests relevant to those skills, which is just to prove yourself to the clients.

Once these are done, go to the job section and start searching for the job that suits you. Always remember to read the job description completely, then decide if it will be suitable for you or not. When you are starting as a novice, money should not be your focus. Your main focus should be to submit catchy and unavoidable proposals to your clients so that you can land a job. Initially, try getting good feedbacks because it is like a symbol/mirror of your work. When employers want to hire you, they will look at it, see the ratings given by the previous employer and then decide whether to select you or not.

Once you start working as a freelance writer, whatever you may write article, content writing, rewriting, etc. First, jot down the points in your head about the topic on a piece of paper. If you do not know anything about the topic, do some research by googling. Once it is done, read the entire work to find if the spellings and the grammar are used properly and make the changes wherever required. The final step that you need to follow before you submit the work to your client is to check it for plagiarism. You can use Copyscape for this purpose. This advice should do to help initially start up as a new freelance writer.

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