Getting A Part-Time Freelance Writing Job: 8 Basic Tips

If you think you have a talent for writing and you would like to put it to good use on a part-time basis then there are various things to bear in mind. In fact, when you are looking for temporary, part-time or even full-time freelance writing jobs, some of the following tips can help you to earn extra money as a writer.

  1. Where to find your first job
  2. In order to make money, you need to know where to look for jobs. One of the easiest places to find writing jobs is on many of the freelance websites on the Internet. Alternatively, you may wish to look in other job sections and classified ads, as well as potentially even trying to source clients privately.

  3. Mixing temporary and one-off jobs with part-time work
  4. Whilst it is possible to find ongoing part-time work as a freelance writer, many of the opportunities that you will find will be temporary writing jobs. As a result, it can be a good idea to apply for combination of temporary and part-time opportunities, so as to maximise your chances of getting any work.

  5. Building a solid profile page
  6. If you’re using any of the freelance websites online then you most likely have to complete a profile page. Ensure that all of the sections are filled out and that you have proof read and edited the work before publishing it; furthermore, be sure to include any skills you may have, so as to increase your chances of being picked for jobs.

  7. Put together a good portfolio
  8. If you have done any written work in the past, then you can use this to put together a portfolio. Equally, as you complete more and more jobs, your portfolio can grow.

  9. Sign up to social media websites
  10. Many social media websites allow you to join various groups, including those that are aimed at potential writers. Therefore, it is good idea to sign up to as many writing groups on social media sites as you can.

  11. Start your own blog
  12. In order to get yourself noticed, as well as practice your writing skills, it is a good idea to start your own blog. This can double up as a form of portfolio as well.

  13. Put together strong job proposals
  14. Ensure that every job proposal that you write is free from spelling and grammatical mistakes, as well as ensuring that they specifically address any requirements that the client may have.

  15. Communicate professionally and stay in touch with old clients
  16. Be sure to communicate professionally at all times with potential clients, as well as staying in touch with them, in case any opportunities open up in the future.

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