How To Find Great International Freelance Writing Opportunities

It takes a very brave person to completely abandon the security of a regular wage and go completely freelance as a writer, but maybe you only want to add a little something extra to your bank balance. It is possible and probably sensible to have a day job while you are building up your portfolio of work.

Unfortunately a lot of the work that is easy to locate on the popular job boards is oversubscribed. There are so many freelancers out there that it drives the wages down to point that it is almost not worth the trouble of finding them. Do not be put off by the number of writers bidding for jobs. There is better paid work available if you take the time to search for it.

When seeking work from other countries it might help if you are familiar with more than one language, but enough people speak English as a second language that this should not be a major obstacle. Often it is enough that you have online skills to make you a perfect candidate for this sort of work.

If you want international jobs then you have to learn to write for the web.

Where are the good jobs?

  1. Travel writers are always needed. Where ever you go in the world tourist information has to be in several languages. Magazines need articles to pull in the tourists. And many of the wealthiest tourists are from English speaking countries therefore lack of second languages will not be a problem. If you can write evocative pieces about places you might not even have visited then you can try in the travel industry.

  2. Are you good at research? Because if you can tease out obscure information, perhaps you would like a career in writing about international laws.

  3. Theatre critics. Imagine going to see all your favorite shows and then getting paid to write about them for various journals or magazines.

  4. Social media. Some of the best places to find work are on sites you visit every day. There are pages devoted to freelance work. Just hit “like” and jobs will appear as you chat to your friends. What is not to like about that?

  5. If you have a specialist interest, such economics or international politics, that can put you in the way of the higher paid jobs.

  6. Most importantly make sure you have learned to make a clear pitch to keep the work coming in steadily.

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