How To Write An Effective Resume: Guidelines For Freelance Writers

As a freelance writer looking for a job you need to know how to write a glowing resume for yourself. Once you land a writing job, you may be employed to write resumes for clients. Either way, it’s a good skill to be able to write an effective one. Use the following list to sharpen up your resume writing skills and be able to land that dream job for yourself or someone else.

  1. Write with the job in mind. >It will be much more effective than writing in a general, non-specific way. It should be tailored to the type of job being applied for, and any other details in the job description.
  2. When posting the resume online, keywords are essential. They need to be located within the document so prospective employers can find it online. If the recruiters and employers don’t find you or your client through a search, you aren’t effectively using the appropriate keywords.
  3. Choose a great format. There are so many available, such as chronological, functional and combination. Some have pictures of the person; others have links to social media sites. Choose one that fits with the category of job being applied for. The format used can make or break the success of the job application.
  4. Have an effective heading. There are right and wrong ways to do this. Do it the right way!
  5. Decide whether having an objective statement would be effective for the type of job being applied for.
  6. Summary of qualifications can be really great if the prospective employer has many job applicants and is looking for a way to quickly scan through the person’s experience and skills to make a decision of who to put on the short list.
  7. Use the work experience as a highlight, especially when there are periods of unemployment you don’t want to appear obvious.
  8. Achievement statements tell the person you are worth being interviewed and hired for the job. It’s worth spending some time on this section.
  9. An education section is usually relevant and essential. If there are no college degrees then the education can be secondary and the skills and experience can be highlighted to show what the potential candidate has to offer.
  10. Volunteer hours, community service, and hobbies also have a place. They show the prospective employer you are a well-rounded person.

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