Key Points To Remember Searching For Good Freelance Academic Writing Jobs

It is possible to make enough money as a freelance writer to not just survive but to live comfortably. Even with preferences for writers from certain countries, this is true no matter where you’re from. Despite this, many writers never earn more than minimum wage from their hard work and some would actually be better of getting jobs at fast food outlets. Here are a few tips that can help you avoid that situation:

If a client looks sketchy just don’t bother

Some people advertise jobs for freelancers with the sole purpose of exploiting them or extracting unpaid labour from them under the guise of asking for samples. If the client who approaches you appears to have this agenda, you would do yourself a world of good to just not engage them any further. They may pretend to be your saving grace but in reality they need you more than you need them.

If the job isn’t detailed hold your ground

Just as some clients create jobs with the full intention of getting unpaid samples and nothing else, some clients purposefully make their jobs very vague. This is so that they can trick you into working at a low but reasonable rate and then add on additional terms. Ask for details up from and don’t start any work until the details are given.

If the timing doesn’t fit into your schedule

Sometimes you may know in advance that a certain time of year will be very difficult for you to write during. Use this knowledge wisely and don’t overbook yourself. Taking on more jobs than you can handle can cause you to make late submissions which makes you less attractive to clients in the future and less likely to get better paying jobs.

If the pay is far too low

Don’t let desperation make you work for obscenely low pay. If the intention is to gain experience, still avoid the lowest paying clients. Their intention is to exploit.

If it goes against your intuition

If you just feel like something is off and you don’t know what it is, avoid the job. You may be picking up subtle clues that your conscious mind does not yet recognise. Trust yourself and seek other options.

These are just some basic pieces of advice to help you avoid the lowest paying jobs. In general you should be aiming to work prolifically but not at the expense of your dignity.

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