How To Get A Job In Comedy Writing: Recommendations For Beginners

Without taking much mileage from the relation between funny and money, we cut to the point straight away: writing comedy is not easy. Unlike other forms of writing, writing humor does not follow a fixed set of rules. Of course, there are guidelines. But you cannot become a successful humor writer if you follow these guidelines alone. Here are some to get you started.

Does it come naturally to you?

This is the first question, the answer to which determines the first baby steps that you take toward comedy writing. If comedy comes naturally to you, and if you have a gifted timing for humor, know that the path ahead is easier for you than it is for most other writers trying a hand at comedy. But things do not stop here. Keep evolving as a writer.

Speaking funny is not equal to writing funny

As true as it gets, a funny line spoken here and there does not make you a comedy writer worth note. Your friends and family may often ask you to become a full time comedy writer because they feel you are funny. As a thumb rule, know that writing comedy is not so much about provoking instant laughter as it is about ringing a bell of satire. If you are not there that way, try some other means.

Do not impose laughter in your writing

One of the greatest comedy writers of all time has allegedly said that she would prefer writing a strong story with little humor over a weak plot with four jokes every page. The message is simple. It is one thing to write comedy and another thing to blend it with a short story. Take care of the following when writing a comedy:

The two-head rule

It is difficult to write comedy by oneself. The most famous comedy writers have worked in pairs. This is chiefly because writers often fail to notice which parts will produce and which parts will not. You may try this site and find a fellow writer who can assist you in writing the script. This way you can be sure that the lines you compose really tickle the funny bones in people. You may also ask someone to be your reader and know from them how your comedy sounds.

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