Getting A Great Freelance Article Writing Job In 4 Steps

When one starts off as a freelance article writer, things can look challenging. It is one of the few jobs which allows for complete freedom and you also get paid for doing what you like best i.e. writing. So it is imperative that there will be completion. But with a little patience and some persistence you can get well paid assignments. Sure it will take some effort but in the modern competitive world what does not? After you have got a little experience as a freelance writer you can easily get higher rates and better assignments.

Here are steps you must follow to get a great article writing job:

  1. Research on the profession. As a freelance writer you will have to a lot of online reading start by reading on the job and determine whether it is for you or not. With some quick reading you will know about the kind of work you can expect as a beginner and also where to look for them. You will also get an idea about the job profile, how things are done and most importantly how you will get paid. Many dubious companies get writer to write for them and then disappear after the work is submitted. Through your research you will learn about the most popular and reliable places to get your job assignments.

  2. Once you have a detailed idea you can start by creating a profile in some of the freelance job portals. There are quite a few on the internet. Find the most popular and reliable ones. The problem with them is the tough competition. Since most writers flock here it is tough to secure bids or get hold of good deals. But do not lose heart and keep applying in different offers till you land a deal.

  3. You will also have to send good samples no matter how much they are paying. Often a low paying assignment can be followed by a lucrative one by the same client. So do not cut corners just because the pay is not good.

  4. To bag a great writing assignment you will also need a good portfolio. By working for various clients you will be able to build one. If you are good at your job, the clients will give you testimonials and referrals. These will go a long way in getting you better rates and good assignments. So try and fulfill the client’s guidelines so that they give you positive reviews.

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